Language Arts

We have begun switching class for reading. If your child goes to a different teacher for reading, his/her daily routines and assignments may be different from what I have posted for my reading class. Check with his/her teacher if you have questions. 

DOL: Students will enter the classroom ready to get started! The first thing to be done is Daily Oral Language (DOL). There will be 2     sentences on the ActivBoard for students to copy in their DOL notebook. After copying the sentences incorrectly, students will correct the mistakes by striking out letters that need to be capitalized, adding periods, etc. When everyone has finished, we will check the mistakes together. I then choose one sentence each day that will be on our DOL test at the end of the week, and get this: I TELL them which sentence I choose each day! This should be the easiest test ever! This will make a total of 4 sentences (Mon. - Thurs.).

Spelling:  Monday - 4x each; Tuesday - sentence with each word; Wednesday - wkbk pg.; Thursday - abc order and STUDY

Grammar:DOL tests count as a grammar grade; Students will also do grammar wkbk pages and worksheets

Reading: We have a new story with new skills each week. Reading grades come from wkbk pgs., vocabulary test, comprehension tests, and sometimes...PROJECTS!


Literacy Stations: