Morning Routine

Before students enter the classroom, they are welcome to eat breakfast in the cafetaria. They should place backpacks in the designated area outside of our classroom before going. This is also a time when they should go to the restroom, get water, get any notes signed in the office, and get change in the office if they are bringing more than $1.25 for their snack/drink. 

When students come into the classroom, they should "take care of business." This includes unpacking backpacks, sharpening pencils, checking off their snack, and turning in snack money. Students are to complete their Daily Oral Math (DOM). There is a DOM strip to be completed Monday - Thursday. On Friday, students will take a DOM test covering the skills they have practiced all week. Students also have a Daily Math Journal to complete each morning. This journal will help us count down the first 100 days of school.